Link Discovered Between Asthma and Chronic Migraine

Asthma and Chronic Migraine  pic
Asthma and Chronic Migraine

As the owner of a private family practice in Jersey City, New Jersey, Dr. John Fritz has welcomed many patients with asthma. Dr. John Fritz of Jersey City also stands out as an expert in the treatment of migraine, having developed an in-depth knowledge of therapies for acute and chronic cases.

According to a recent study, published in the journal Headache, asthma may be a predictor of chronic migraine for patients with existing episodic migraine. The study followed 4,500 patients beginning in 2008, at which time all study volunteers had 15 or fewer headache days per month. The following year, 5 percent of volunteers with asthma had developed chronic migraine, as compared to 2.5 percent of volunteers without asthma.

Lead study author Dr. Vincent Martin, codirector of the headache and facial pain program at the University of Cincinnati, noted that these statistics are significant enough to indicate a link between asthma and chronic migraine. The study’s coauthor, Dr. Richard Lipton of New York’s Montefiore Headache Center, pointed out that the activation and inflammation of smooth muscle tissue, present in both conditions, may be the source of the link. Researchers suggest that these findings may allow physicians to implement preventive measures for patients with asthma and episodic migraine, thus potentially decreasing a patient’s chance of developing chronic migraine.


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