Examples of Simple Preventative Techniques against Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain Prevention pic
Arthritis Pain Prevention
Image: healthline.com

Dr. John Fritz is a longtime Jersey City physician who maintains a respected family and osteopathic medicine practice. In caring for Jersey City patients, Dr. John Fritz helps address issues such as bladder control, irritable bowel syndrome, and arthritis pain. Experienced by more than 50 million people throughout the United States, arthritis is a chronic condition that can last a lifetime.

One way in which the pain associated with arthritis can be managed is to protect and reduce strain on the joints. Many techniques are preventative. For instance, patients may be advised to avoid wearing high heels, which place several times the stress on the feet and knees than shoes without heels.

For people working in an office setting, varying between sitting and standing is of critical importance. When working at a desk, stand up every half hour or so to give your body the chance to regain flexibility and prevent from locking into a single position. Devices such as hands-free telephones and document holders are also an ally, as they reduce the necessity of repetitive motions that can lead to strain in the neck and other arthritis-prone areas of the body.